Reports to the Executive Board

Business conducted by the Conference for Food Protection is reported to the Executive Board at the Executive Board Meetings. These reports are from the following: Executive Treasurer, Executive Director, Executive Assistant, Council Chairs, Council Committees, Standing Committees, federal agencies, ad hoc committees, and guests for the purposes of providing information or guidance to the Board. All reports provided to the Executive Board are posted to provide the membership with transparency and information of the ongoing functions of the Conference.

To contact a committee chair, click HERE for the 2018-2020 Committee Contact List.


Fall 2020 Executive Board Meeting

Because of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fall 2020 Executive Board meeting was conducted over two days using a vitrual format. Dur to time limitations, only those items on the agenda indicated in red font were discussed; other items are postponed to the Spring 2021 meeting.

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2020 March Executive Board meeting (conference call)

Because of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Board meeting scheduled for Spring 2020 was cancelled. In its place, a conference call was scheduled to discuss pending business; all other agenda items were postponed to the Fall 2020 meeting.

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