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Aug 28

Baylor University Successfully Cultures Human Norvirus

Dr. Mary Estes and her team at Baylor College of Medicine have successfully cultured human norovirus in intestinal cells! This effort was supported by NIH and USDA-NIFA (through NoroCORE funds).

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Aug 26

(August 23, 2016) Issue of Food Quality & Safety magazine

A summary of food recalls for 2015, forwarded by the Executive Director

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Aug 26

New Low Temperature, Short Time (LTST) process in Pasteurized Milk

Information about a new low temperature, short time (LTST) process that reduces the microbial load in pasteurized milk and prolongs the shelf life of cold milk by up to 63 days. Forwarded by the Executive Director

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Jun 23

Fast Facts About Biofilm

Finding The Contamination Source

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Jun 15

Re-advertisement For Team Leader Job Opportunity with FDA-CFSAN

Original Announcement Canceled

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Jun 13

Beef Retailers Now Labeling Mechanically Tenderized Beef

May 17, 2016 USDA- FSIS Begins New Labeling Requirement

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Jun 3

2016-2018 Final Sign Up List for Committee Participation

Applicants chosen for Committees will be notified at a later date.

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Jun 2


Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer Position

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May 31

2016-2018 Committee Formation Sign Up List

Applicant list for this Biennium.

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May 25

2016 Crumbine Award Winner

News Release for this year's Crumbine Award

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May 10


The CFP Process

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Apr 19

2016 CFP Issue Recommendations Available Now

Issue Recommendations for the Assembly of Delagates are now available on the 2016 Biennial Meeting Webpage.

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Apr 14


2016 April Biennial Meeting

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Mar 7


2016 CFP Submitted Issues

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Feb 8

USDA, Obama- food safety researh

Food Safety News reports USDA grants to fund research projects aimed at improving food safety.

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Feb 7

FSMA UPDATE - Save The Date

Public Meeting on Food Safety Modernization Act

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Feb 3

FSMA UPDATE- Funding Opportunities Announcement 2/2/2016

FSMA UPDATE- Funding Opportunities Announcement for Education, Training and Technical Assistance

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