Welcome new Chair, Sheri Morris

Published: November 2, 2010

The Conference for Food Protection is pleased to announce that Sheri Morris has been selected by the CFP Executive Board to serve as Conference Chair for the term ending at the 2012 biennial meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ms. Morris is the Program Manager of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services. She was first elected to the CFP Executive Board in 2008 as the representative of the Mid-Atlantic state regulators. Ms. Morris has served CFP as the Pennsylvania voting delegate since 2002 and as a council and committee member. As the point person for the adoption of the 2003 Food Code in Pennsylvania she played a key role in ensuring a smooth implementation process. Prior to joining the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in 1999 Sheri spent more than fifteen years in various positions in the food industry.

CFP elects a Conference Chair from among the regulatory members of the Exective Board for a two year term at each biennial meeting. Mary Fandry, who was elected at the 2010 biennial meeting in Providence, RI, resigned her position in August. CFP Vice-Chair, Michael Roberson, of Publix Super Markets, Inc., served as interim Chair until Sheri Morris was selected by the Executive Board.