Welcome to the NEW CFP Website

Published: November 26, 2008

The website you are reading right now is the end result of over a year's worth of work on the part of your Executive staff and the ad hoc Website Committee. Committee members include:

  • Don Schaffner Co-Chair, Rutgers University
  • Charles Otto, Co-Chair, CDC
  • Michael Roberson, Publix Super Markets
  • Vicki Everly (County of Santa Clara, CA)
  • Jeff Lineberry, Executive Director
  • Trevor Hayes, Executive Treasurer
  • Lisa Wright, Executive Secretary and Website Manager

The true wizard in this process is the website's creator, Kevin Hamstra of Hamstra Media, who designed the website based upon the nature of our organization, our preferences and CFP content. You may recognize his name since Kevin also designed the Issue Submission Program with CFP Member Marsha Robbins. At that time, he was on loan to us thanks to CFP Member Richard Linton of Purdue University. We have learned that Kevin is a master at his work and is a pleasure to work with.

If you find any typos or probems with the website or have suggestions for us, please email Lisa Wright with the information. Enjoy your new website.