FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Food Industry Day

Published: September 23, 2013

What is FARE's Food Industry Day?

Food Industry Day is an opportunity for members of the food manufacturing industry, trade associations, restaurants, government agencies, and other groups to come together to learn the latest information about food allergies.

"The best part of the conference is that it creates an open dialogue between patient organizations and food industry. It helps members of industry better understand the needs and motivation of patient groups. Misconceptions are removed on both sides."

- Steve Taylor, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology, director of the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a member of FARE's Medical Advisory Board.

Reasons to Attend:

  • Food industry representatives, Food & Drug Administration officials and food allergy advocates will have the opportunity to learn from each other, sharing both the industry and consumer perspective.
  • Attendees will learn about FARE's priorities in both policy and research
  • Attendees will get the latest epidemiological information on food allergies to better tailor products and practices to customers.

Bring a Colleague for Free

This year we would like to extend an offer to your counterpart from the marketing department (or similar department) to join you at Food Industry Day at no charge. A key topic this year is the financial value of the food allergy community to the industry and how to reach them. We think this is a great opportunity to gain insights and information critical to your business.

If you know your counterpart who will be attending you can register them now. If you do not yet know who you would like to bring from your marketing team, we would be happy to provide them with a free registration later.

For more information, contact Mike Spigler, Vice President of Education at FARE, at mspigler@foodallergy.org or 703.563.3059.