CFP CFSRP Pilot Project Announcement

Published: May 6, 2010

The CFP Certification of Food Safety Regulations Professionals Work Group is soliciting regulatory retail food programs for participation in the Uniform Inspection Program Audit Pilot Project. The primary objectives of the pilot project will be to evaluate a Conference developed Uniform Inspection Program Audit Worksheet as a tool for the quality assurance evaluations conducted as part of Standard 4.- Uniform Inspection Program, FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards. Complete details on the pilot project are included in the file below.

Interested jurisdictions should complete and submit the application form included below by May 28, 2010.

CFP Pilot Project Announcement

1. Cover Memo - Pilot Project Fact Sheet

2. Application to Participate - Uniform Inspection Program

3. Guide to the Uniform Inspection Program Audit

4. Audit Worksheet Form

5. Audit Reference Guide

6. Audit Results Summary and FSIO Training Plan

April 2009 FDA Program Standards