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Issue Number: Council III 007

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Re-create Hand Hygiene Committee to review "When to Wash" (2-301.14)

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Proper handwashing at appropriate times in FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS is critical to public health. To promote compliance at times when contamination may have occurred, it is important that code language be clear to not include times when contamination has not occurred. Section 2-301.14(G) of the 2013 FDA Food Code requires the washing of hands anytime a switch is made between working with raw and READY-TO-EAT FOOD. Circumstances likely exist in which contamination of the hands does not occur when working with raw FOOD, such as when appropriate utensils are used.

Public Health Significance

Annex 3 of the 2013 Food Code states that "Many employees fail to wash their hands as often as necessary." By clarifying the times that are necessary for handwashing, and excluding times in which contamination has not occurred, industry will be better able to focus attention on quality handwashing at the necessary times. The CFP Hand Hygiene Committee can provide direction on this matter.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

the re-created Hand Hygiene Committee be charged with the following:

  1. Review the 2013 FDA Food Code and related sections and develop recommendations and direction on how to appropriately qualify Section 2-301.14 (When to Wash), part (G), to clarify handwashing requirements at times when risk may not actually exist, while still protecting public health.
  2. Develop recommendations on revised language for the FDA Food Code and Annex 3.
  3. Report back its findings and recommendations to the 2018 Biennial Meeting of the Conference for Food Protection.

Submitter Information 1

Name Rob Green
Organization National Council of Chain Restaurants
Address 1101 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC, DC 20005
Telephone 202-626-8183

Submitter Information 2

Name Jason Horn
Organization In-N-Out Burger
Address 13502 Hamburger Lane
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Telephone 626-813-5326

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