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Issue Number: Council III 020


Double Barrier Gloving Exception

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Tasks such as, but not limited to, cooking burgers on a grill require handling of both raw and ready-to-eat product by the same person.

The use of an added secondary utensil, a loose-fit foodservice glove or mit over a snug foodservice glove, is for the purpose of allowing the food handler to switch tasks without a glove change and a handwash. The secondary barrier must be capable of being donned and removed without contamination to the primary foodservice gloves, hands, or forearms.

The loose fitting mit/glove can also be used on its own as a single-use foodservice glove as well as an upgrade from a tissue.

Public Health Significance

Uninterrupted workflow allows the worker to keep the focus on the priority of thorough cooking and food-safe handling. It also creates time to do more thorough handwashes between glove changes. Both raise the probability of safer food being served.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

that a letter be sent to the FDA recommending that the 2013 Food Code be amended to include an exception in Section 2-301.14 "When to Wash", to read (new language in underline format):

(J) Except when a secondary barrier, glove or mit, is donned and removed without contaminating the primary glove or hand.

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