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Issue Number: Council II 027


Executive Board Review of Committee Documents Deemed Worthy of Publication

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Amending the Biennial Meeting/Conference Procedures Manual to include language to clarify the process that must be followed before a manuscript can be submitted by a CFP committee for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Public Health Significance

Questions have been frequently raised regarding "ownership" of documents submitted to the Conference via the Issue process and whether or not the professionalism of those documents reflects upon the Conference as an organization, or upon the submitter as an individual. A review of the CFP governing documents could find no reference to answer this question; however, the Issue submittal "Terms and Conditions" approved by the Executive Board for the 2014 Biennial Meeting states the following: "Issues become the property of the Conference for Food Protection once finalized by the Issue Reviewers."

Therefore, during the 2013 August Board meeting, the Board unanimously accepted language to clarify and answer questions regarding the ownership and professionalism of documents submitted and finalized during the issue submission process. In addition, the question of obtaining approval for peer-review of committee generated documents was investigated by an Executive Board appointed ad hoc committee and the following statement was approved by the Executive Board at their August 2013 meeting: "...If members of a Committee feel their work is worthy of publication they can submit their draft manuscript for approval by the [Executive] Board." The Executive Board is submitting this language as an Issue to update the Biennial Meeting/Conference Procedure manual.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

amending the Biennial Meeting/Conference Procedures Manual by inserting a new sub-section 2 in Section VII, H Committee Reports and renumbering the existing sub-section 3. The new sub-section 2 (in underline format) will read as follows:

VII, H. 2. Committee Generated Documents

If members of a Committee feel their work is worthy of peer review publication they can submit their draft manuscript for approval by the Executive Board.

Submitter Information

Name David McSwane, Executive Director
Organization Confrence for Food Protection
Address 30 Elliott Court
Martinsville, IN 46151
Telephone 317-696-0573
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