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Issue Number: Council I 005


Report - Wild Harvested Mushroom (WHM) Committee

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

The Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee seeks Council I's acknowledgment of the committee's final report.

Public Health Significance

The Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee has worked over the years to develop standards to address the public health concerns related to consumption of wild mushrooms harvested for use in food service establishments. The committee has recommended amendments to the FDA Food Code language and provided guidance on developing training and certification programs all in an attempt to address the difficulty of complying with Section 3-201.16 that requires that wild mushrooms "be obtained from sources where each mushroom is individually inspected and found to be safe by an approved mushroom expert." Several CFP issues have also been submitted over the years by CFP members to address this issue, however, amendments to Section 3-201.16 have not been accepted or incorporated into a subsequent version of the FDA Food Code.

In December 2012, the committee was provided with an opportunity to suggest changes to 3-201.16 during the development of the 2013 FDA Food Code. CFSAN did not accept the amended language as submitted by the committee, but did agree to remove the requirement that each mushroom be individually inspected by a mushroom expert and instead defer to the regulatory authority to determine the appropriate standards. This change is reflected in the recently released version of the 2013 FDA Food Code. Therefore, with the change to the 2013 FDA Food Code language, the availability of existing CFP developed guidance documents and the recommendations from the current committee, jurisdictions now have the resource information and flexibility necessary to develop their own program if they choose to do so. As a result, the work of the Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee has been concluded and the committee should be disbanded.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

1. Acknowledgement of the Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee Final Report; and

2. Thanking the committee members for their work and efforts on the committee; and

3. Disbanding the committee.


Submitter Information

Name Dave Martin, Co-Chair
Organization Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee
Address Oregon Public Health Division
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640
Portland, OR 97232
Telephone (971)673-0450
Fax (971)673-0457
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