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Issue Number: Council II 008


SDCERC 4 - Posting IT Subcommittee Report to CFP Website

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Post the IT Subcommittee report to the CFP website

Public Health Significance

During the 2012 Conference Issue # 2012- 11- 35 resulted in the following charge: The best means of electronically collecting, analyzing and sharing inspection data.

This IT Subcommittee report is the work of the subcommittee in the design and development of an inspection results collection and reporting system. This work may be consulted as public health departments contemplate development of an electronic database for posting health inspection reports. Posting electronic health inspection reports to websites provides readily available access to public health data on health inspecition results for use by health officials, regulators, industry, academia, and consumers.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

posting to the CFP website, as a "white paper" guidance document in PDF format, the IT Subcommittee Report submitted as part of the Standardized Data Collection and Electronic Reporting of Inspections Committee Report.

Note: document is attached to Issue entitled: Report - Standardized Data Collection and Electronic Reporting of Inspections.

Submitter Information

Name Ann Marie McNamara, Ph.D. & Sheri Morris, Co-Chairs
Organization Standardized Data Collection and Electronic Reporting of Inspections Committee
Address C/O Jack in the Box, Inc.
San Diego, CA 92123
Telephone 858-571-2280
Fax 858-571-2117
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