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Issue Number: Council III 004


Report - Sanitizer Committee

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

At the 2008 Conference for Food Protection, the FDA posed questions related to on-site generators of antimicrobial pesticides. The Sanitizer Committee was formed to address the following charge:

"to work with the FDA, EPA and other stakeholders to develop appropriate language for the Food Code addressing on-site generation of pesticides in food establishments and report back to the 2010 CFP Council III."

The 2008-10 Sanitizer Committee is submitting two issues to the 2010 Conference for Food Protection:

  1. Report - Sanitizer Committee
  2. On-Site Generation of Antimicrobial Pesticides

The following attachments are also submitted:

  1. '2008-10_Sanitizer_Committee_Final_Report'
  2. '2008-10_Sanitizer_Committee_Roster'
  3. 'Food_Code_Recommendations_for_On-site_Generation_of_Antimicrobials' (extracted from Committee Report)

Public Health Significance

Proper use of sanitizers is an important step to prevent cross contamination and food safety failures. On-site generation of sanitizers and other antimicrobials is not addressed in the 2009 Food Code, and the regulatory process and requirements for sanitizers generated and used on-site varies considerably from the regulatory process for manufactured products. Clarification of the Food Code requirements for on-site generated sanitizers is essential to ensure proper use of these materials and to avoid unproductive confusion for inspectors and operators.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

acknowledgment of the 2008-10 Sanitizer Committee Report, with thanks to the members of the Sanitizer Committee for completing their task, and disbanding the committee.


Submitter Information

Name Katherine M.J. Swanson, Co-Chair
Organization Sanitizer Committee
Address Ecolab Inc.
655 Lone Oak Drive
Eagan, MN 55121-1560
Telephone 651-795-5943
Fax 651-204-7516
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