Conference for Food Protection

2023 Biennial Meeting

Council I | 2023 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report – CFP-ISSC JSC Issue #1 Barry Parsons
002 CFP-ISSC JSC #2 Approve and Post Guidance and Best Practices Documents Barry Parsons
003 Gloves Used as a Single-Use Disposable Utensil Patrick Guzzle
004 Amend Food Code 2-301.14 – Allow Donning of Loose-Fitting Gloves Matthew Brandt
005 Add cross contact definition & codified/Annex language within the Food Code Glenda R Lewis
006 Regulating use of "may contain" type advisory labels Laurel Francoeur
007 Bread bakers adding sesame flour to recipe rather than "may contain." Malinda Hain
008 Sesame Update To Section 403(w)(1) of the FD&C Act (21 U.S.C. 343(w)(1)) Jamie Waynee
009 Companies adding sesame to products previously safe for sesame-allergic Josie Howard-Ruben
010 Labeling under Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education & Research Act Jennifer Gonzalez
011 Manufacturers have begun to add sesame to protect from legal action. Michelle Smith
012 Establish written procedures for managing food allergy events Allison Howell
013 PSC14 Re-create Plan Review Committee Angie Wheeler
014 Re-Establish Plan Review Committee Vasanthi Hofer
015 Re-create the Plan Review Committee (PRC) Michelle Haynes
016 Re-creation of the Hand Hygiene committee Janet Buffer
017 Amend Food Code 3-301.11 - Double Handwashing and Nail Brush Usage Matthew Brandt
018 Chemical Sanitizing test strips Expiration Date Michael Otzelberger
019 Report - Foodborne Illness Investigation Committee Catherine Feeney
020 FBIIC2-Interpret if 2022 FDA Food Code Provides Investigation Authority Catherine Feeney
021 FBIIC3-Amend 2022 FDA Food Code to Provide Access for FBI Investigation Catherine Feeney
022 Amend Food Code to allow cooling without time and temperature monitoring. Nicole Hedeen
023 Amend Food Code to Update Final Cook Temps for Sous Vide under 3-502.12 Veronica Bryant
024 Amend Food Code - Strike “leaking automatic fire sprinkler heads" Cindy Giedraitis
025 Amend Food Code to include procedures for clean-up of vomit and diarrhea Katie Matulis
026 Add off-site warewashing facilities for multiuse articles to Food Code Kelley Dennings
027 Amend Food Code – Packaging Requirements for Vended TCS Foods Christopher Rupert
028 Creation of a Committee - E-Commerce Best Practices Katie Matulis
029 Amend the Food Code, Section 8-401.10 Caroline Friel
030 Creation of a Food Traceability Rule Committee Mario Seminara
031 Clarify 7-204.12 (D) to separate EPA and FDA jurisdictions David Buckley
032 Reducing Cross Contamination Risk from Use of Reusable Wiping Cloths Chip Manuel, Ph.D.

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