Conference for Food Protection

2020 Biennial Meeting

Council III | 2020 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 SHC-RPC - 1 Report - Safe Handling and Cooking of Roaster Pigs Committee Erika Stapp-Kamotani
002 SHC-RPC - 2 Approval of Guidance Document for Roaster Pig Cooking Erika Stapp-Kamotani
003 SHC-RPC - 3 Sharing of Guidance Document for Roaster Pig Cooking Erika Stapp-Kamotani
004 Report of the Direct to Consumer Delivery Committee (DTCDC) Donald W Schaffner
005 DTCDC #2 Approve/Post Guidance Document - DTC and TPD service food delivery Don Schaffner
006 DTCDC #3 Request Food Code Annex be amended to include guidance document Don Schaffner
007 PWWC - Issue 1: Report of Produce Wash Water Committee (PWWC) Anna Starobin
008 PWWC - Issue 2: Approval and Posting of Guidance Document. Anna Starobin
009 PWWC- Issue 3: Amend Food Code to include Produce Wash Testing Devices Anna Starobin
010 Report–Product Assessment Committee (PAC) Veronica Bryant
011 PAC 2–Approval of guidance, “Using NACMCF Parameters for Retail Food…” Veronica Bryant
012 PAC 3–Approval of Checklist for Retail Establishment Challenge Study Veronica Bryant
013 PAC 4– Approve Challenge Testing Worksheet Veronica Bryant
014 PAC 5–Amend Food Code Reference Approved Documents in FDA Food Code Annex 3 Veronica Bryant
015 Committee to Update CFP Guidance on Beef Ground at Retail Susan Hammons
016 Creation of a Committee: Intended use STEC hazards in retail environment Rustin Rock
017 Create Committee – Standardization of HACCP Plans for Sushi at Retail Chris Rupert
018 Creation of a Rotisserie Chicken Food Safety Committee Meryl Silverman
019 Amend Food Code – Frozen Food Cook Requirements for HSP Veronica Bryant
020 Amend Food Code to Require Detergent for Equipment Cleaning Brandon Morrill
021 Amend Food Code: Hand Cleanse-Sanitize Protocol Not Requiring Water Jim Mann
022 Amend 2017 Food Code to improve the sanitary transport of wet wiping cloths ROBERT BUTTERFIELD
023 Amend Food Code – Clarification on allowable sanitizers in 4-501.114 Chip Manuel
024 Amend Food Code by removing the flavor enhancers monosodium glutamate Eyassu Abegaz, PHD
025 Amend definition of TCS to include caramel apples with an inserted stick Brett Podoski
026 Amend 3-302.11: When Raw Animal Products Do Not Need Separation from RTE Susan Shelton
027 Temperature of Water for Handwashing Sinks Jill Ball
028 Amend 5-202.12 of Food Code to Change Hot Water Temperature Veronica Bryant
029 3-306.13 Consumer Self-Service Operations Amanda Garvin
030 Cleaning of Food Contact Surfaces- Time as a Public Health Control Carrie Pohjola
031 Deletion of "Use Limitations" for Cast Iron Cookware David Fletcher
032 Manufacturer cooking instructions and disclosures Jenny Scott
033 Standardization for the Critical Limit and pH Monitoring of Acidified Rice Antonia DiNardo
034 Inclusion of the phrase "expelled air" in the definition of ROP Garrett Guillozet, MPA, RS/REHS

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