Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative

Investigating Norovirus-related Foodborne Illness

Click on this link to access sessions focused on investigating norovirus-related foodborne illnesses and implementing successful employee health intervention strategies:

Sessions are from the 2022 FDA Retail Food Protection Seminar, hosted by NACCHO.

Resource Library

Click on this link to access a collection of vetted resources, including trainings, handouts, and guidance documents, that support effective foodborne illness outbreak investigations.

Risk-Based Inspections

Click on the following for information released in January 2022 regarding risk-based inspections:

Analysis of Factors Influencing the Implementation of Risk-Based Inspections (December 2021)

Why Risk-Based Inspections in Retail Food Safety Matter (infographic)

Food Code Adoption Toolkit

Click on the this link to access research, resources, and support to decision-makers to adopt the most recent versions of the FDA's Food Code: https ://

General Information about the Collaborative

Click on the following hyperlinks for information about the Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative:

Collaborative Description

Collaborative Ground Rules

Crosswalk of Collaborative Action Plan to Achieve Long Term Objectives

Collaborative Communications Tool

Click on the following hyperlinks to access Collaborative meeting agendas and minutes:

2019 June 4-6 -- Minutes

2019 October 18-19 -- Agenda

2020 January 16 -- Minutes

2020 January 29-30 -- Minutes

2020 March 31 -- Minutes

2020 May 15 -- Minutes

2020 August 28 -- Minutes

2020 November 13 -- Minutes