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Issue Number: Council I 002

Issue History

This is a brand new Issue.


UFE 2 - Guidance Document for Unattended Food Establishments

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

At the 2016 Biennial Meeting, the Conference re-created the Unattended Food Establishment Committee with the following charges:

1. Develop recommendations on how the FDA Food Code addresses Unattended Food Establishments;

2. Continue to review the "Guidance Document for Unattended Food Establishments" and any existing guidance from FDA and others to update the CFP guidance document that could assist states when addressing the need to have alternative protective provisions in place when approving variances for entities that do not meet section 2-101.11 (Responsibility, Assignment of a PERSON IN CHARGE ) and 2-103.11 (Duties, Person in Charge) of the 2013 Food Code; and

3. Present their findings at the 2018 CFP Biennial Meeting.

Public Health Significance

This committee work was essential to address an increase in the scope and number of unattended food establishments across the country. This document is intended to assist regulatory authorities and the food service industry in the review, approval and operation of unattended food establishments.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

1. Approval of the Unattended Food Establishment Committee document titled Guidance Document for Unattended Food Establishments (attached to the Issue titled: Report - Unattended Food Establishment (UFE) Committee);

2. Authorizing the Conference to make any necessary edits prior to posting the document on the CFP web site to assure consistency of format and non-technical content; edits will not affect the technical content of the document; and

3. Posting of the approved document in PDF format on the Conference for Food Protection website.

Submitter Information 1

Name Jean Edsall
Organization Unattended Food Establishment Committee - Co-Chair
Address Compass Group
2400 Yorkmont Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217
Telephone (330) 401-1143

Submitter Information 2

Name Jamie Higley
Organization Unattended Food Establishment Committee - Co-Chair
Address Ohio Department of Health
246 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone (614) 644-8659

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