Conference for Food Protection

2018 Biennial Meeting

Council I | 2018 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - Unattended Food Establishment (UFE) Committee Jean Edsall
002 UFE 2 - Guidance Document for Unattended Food Establishments Jean Edsall
003 UFE 3 – Amend Food Code Food Establishment definition and exemption for PIC Jean Edsall
004 Report-Clean In Place (CIP) Committee Dale A. Grinstead
005 CIP 2 - ANSI/Food Code definition Dale A Grinstead
006 Amend Food Code - Biofilms Thomas Johnson
007 Amend Food Code - Standards for Food Equipment Certification Derek DeLand, MPH, REHS/RS
008 Amend Food Code - Backflow Prevention, 5-402.11 Rodney Blanchard
009 Creation of a Committee - Clarification of the Term “Easily Cleanable” David McNinch
010 Amend Food Code 1-201.10 Statement of Application and Listing of Terms Sarah Good
011 Amend Food Code - Whole Muscle Intact Beef Labeling Carrie Pohjola
012 Amend Food Code - Harmonize Labeling for Mechanically Tenderized Beef Nicole Arnold
013 Amend Food Code - Update Definition for “Mechanically Tenderized” Nicole Arnold
014 Amend Food Code - Exempt Restaurant-Type Food from label requirements Jill Ball
015 Amend Food Code Consumer Advisory: Food Allergies - Allergen Disclosure Michael A. Pascucilla, Director of Public Health
016 Amend Food Code-Resolve conflict in § 3-502.12 (C) and (F): ROP Criteria Dr Brian A Nummer, PhD
017 Amend Food Code duplicative text in ¶¶ (E) and (B) in 3-502.12 ROP Criteria Brian A Nummer, PhD.
018 Amend Food Code 3-502.12 Reduced Oxygen Packaging Without a Variance Sarah Good
019 Amend Food Code 8-201.14 Contents of a HACCP Plan. Sarah Good
020 Amend Food Code – Variance Procedure Requirements Veronica Bryant
021 Amend Food Code – Food Establishment Requirement to Retain Variance Veronica Bryant
022 Amend Food Code - Separation of Raw Animal Foods By Cook Temperature Carrie Pohjola
023 Amend Food Code - Separation of Packaged Products Displayed at Retail Hilary Thesmar
024 Amend Food Code - Food Safety Regulations for Food Donations Emily Broad Leib
025 Creation of a Committee - Safety of Third Party Delivery Services (TPDS) Christopher Melchert
026 Amend Food Code - Add Time/Date Together as a Method of Date Marking Jill Ball
027 Amend Food Code - Obtaining Purchase Info During Outbreak Investigations Ernest Julian, Ph.D.
028 Amend Food Code - Clarify 3-301.11(D) When Reheating for Hot Holding Ann Johnson
029 Amend Food Code FSIS Chicken Liver Compliance Guide in Annex Erika Stapp-Kamotani
030 Amend Food Code – 3-201.11 Compliance with Food Law Becky Steiner, MPH, REHS
031 Amend Food Code - Storage in Toilet Rooms Rodney Blanchard
032 Amend Food Code - Use Limitation of Untreated Wood for Cooking Surface Rodney Blanchard
033 Amend Food Code - Shellstock Maintaining Identification Arthur J. Ness
034 Amend Food Code – Remove Pf from Handwashing Water Temperature Veronica Bryant

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