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Issue Number: Council II 026

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This is a brand new Issue.


Report - Constitution, Bylaws and Procedures (CBP) Committee

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The 2014 - 2016 Constitution, Bylaws and Procedures Committee has addressed recommendations from the 2014 Biennial Meeting and have prepared a report summarizing its work.

Public Health Significance

The Constitution, Bylaws and Procedure Committee shall submit recommendations to improve the Conference administrative functions through proposals to amend the Constitution and Bylaws and Conference Procedures.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

acknowledgement of the submitted committee report and appreciation for the work of the 2014 - 2016 Constitution, Bylaws and Procedures Committee members.

The Conference also recommends continued work by the Constitution, Bylaws and Procedures (CBP) Committee on charges assigned by the Executive Board to:

  1. Review the Conference for Food Protection governing documents (Conference for Food Protection Constitution and Bylaws, Conference Procedures, Conference Biennial Meeting Manual, position descriptions, conference policies, etc.) to facilitate a merger and conformance of these documents into a comprehensive "Conference for Food Protection Manual." (Issues 2012-II-001, 2012-II-004, and 2014-II-018)
  2. Review Industry constituency on Council 1.
  3. Report back to the Executive Board; and submit recommendations as Issues at the 2018 Biennial Meeting.

Content Documents

Submitter Information

Name Lee M. Cornman
Organization CFP Constitution, Bylaws and Procedures Committee
Address Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
3125 Conner Boulevard, # 185
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650
Telephone 850.245.5595 / 850.245.5547

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