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Issue Number: Council II 017

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IFITC 2 – Approval and Posting of the Crosswalk

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

That the Conference considers that new and updated foodborne disease outbreak training programs will continue to occur and that all target agencies could benefit from a process that updates the list of training program and reviews the programs. Posting the Crosswalk will provide a tool that will facilitate the development of robust foodborne illness training programs.

Public Health Significance

Delays in reporting or investigating a possible foodborne disease outbreak can prolong an outbreak event, potentially resulting in further illness or economic disruption. Effective training of public health professionals, health agencies, universities and industry in outbreak response can mitigate the negative impact of any outbreak. However, these entities may not be aware of the foodborne disease outbreak trainings that are currently in existence.

The Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee believes that these opportunities provide the chance for the Conference for Food Protection to continue to influence the food and beverage community, health agencies, universities, in the minimum, to review their Foodborne Illness Training to determine if their program is complete as outlined in Standard 5. The Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee created a Crosswalk titled Crosswalk - Requirements for Foodborne Illness Training Programs Based on Standard 5 that we recommend is posted to the CFP website.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

1) approving the document titled "Crosswalk - Requirements for Foodborne Illness Training Programs Based on Standard 5" created by the Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee (document is attached to the Issue titled: Report - Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee).

2) posting the final document on the CFP website in MS Word and PDF.

Submitter Information

Name James Steele
Organization IFITC
Address Walt Disney World
PO Box 10,000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Telephone 321-395-1665

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