Conference for Food Protection

2016 Biennial Meeting

Council III | 2016 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - Listeria Retail Guidelines (LRG) Committee Tom Ford
002 LRG 2 - Approval of Listeria Retail Guidance Document Tom Ford
003 Report - Hand Hygiene Committee (HHC) Lori LeMaster
004 HHC 2 - Definition for “Hand Cleaning Compound” Lori LeMaster
005 HHC 3 - Definition for “Antiseptic Hand Rub” Lori LeMaster
006 HHC 4 - Recommendations to FDA Lori LeMaster
007 Re-create Hand Hygiene Committee to review "When to Wash" (2-301.14) Rob Green
008 Allowing Specified Use of Hand Antiseptic in Place of Handwashing Adam Inman
009 Updating the Handwashing Procedure to Reflect Liquid/Foam Soaps Adam Inman
010 Hand Cleanse-Sanitize Protocol Not Requiring Running Water Jim Mann
011 Reduce risk of cross-contamination by hands. Rob Green
012 Food Service Employees Not Meeting Hand Hygiene Timing Compliance Code Zachary Eddy
013 Motion-Activated Handwashing Sinks Rebecca Krzyzanowski
014 Bandage, Finger Cot, and Stall contamination Rebecca Krzyzanowski
015 Require disposable gloves at foodservice handwash sinks M Peggy Wagner
016 Employee Health Interventions – Reducing Norovirus Mary Cartagena
017 Amend Food Code – Clarify Clean-up of Vomiting and Diarrheal Events Dr. Ben Chapman
018 Sore Throat with Fever Rebecca Krzyzanowski
019 Plant Food Cooking Time Frame Rebecca Krzyzanowski
020 Plant Food Cooking for Hot Holding Ann Johnson
021 Cooking by food temperature Thomas Johnson
022 Slow Continuous Cooking of Raw Animal Foods Rebecca Krzyzanowski
023 Reheating Commercially Processed TCS Foods in a Microwave for Hot Holding Ann Johnson
024 Separation of Packaged Products Displayed at Retail Hilary Thesmar
025 Separating Raw Animal Food from Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables Ann Johnson
026 Chemical treatment of water used to wash or crisp raw fruits and vegetables Karl Matthews
027 Chemicals Used for Washing and Treating Fruits and Vegetables Dan Dahlman
028 Ambient Cooling Pre-chilled TCS Foods Ann Johnson
029 Acidified Food Date Marking Exemption Rebecca Krzyzanowski
030 Amend Food Code – Clarify sprouting as a specialized process Veronica Bryant
031 Amend Food Code – Include Definition for Curing Veronica Bryant
032 Amend Food Code Annex – Clarifying ROP of fish requirements Veronica Bryant
033 Fish Advisory Committee Rebecca Krzyzanowski
034 Reducing the need for HACCP Plans Under 3-502.12 Rebecca Krzyzanowski
035 Revise Food Code to be Consistent with FSIS Requirements and Guidance Kristina Barlow
036 “Intended Use” for Raw Beef Source Materials Jennifer Webb
037 Creation of a Mail-Order Food Safety Committee Kristina Barlow
038 Use of pre-formulated sanitizing solutions Mary Cartagena
039 Surface Cleaning of Utensils and Equipment in Contact with Non-TCS Foods Rebecca Krzyzanowski
040 Add a definition for ATP Thomas Johnson
041 Biofilm definition Thomas Johnson

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