Conference for Food Protection

2016 Biennial Meeting

Council II | 2016 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report and Re-create - Employee Food Safety Training Committee Ben Chapman
002 Report- Demonstration of Knowledge (DoK) Committee Michelle Haynes
003 Re-create - Demonstration of Knowledge (DoK) Committee Michelle Haynes
004 Imminent Health Hazard: Modify Enforcement & PIC Duties Mark "Mick" Miklos
005 Demonstration of Knowledge regarding Food Allergen Labeling Nona Narvaez
006 Report – Program Standards Committee (PSC) David Lawrence, Chair
007 PSC 2 - Recommendations from Issue 2014 II-003 Todd Mers, Competency of Inspectors Subcommittee Co-Lead
008 PSC 4 - Posting of Retail Program Standards Infographic on CFP Website David Lawrence, Chair
009 PSC 3 - Recommendations from Issue 2014 II-005 Debbie C. Watts, MPH, Co Vice-Chair
010 PSC 5 - Amend Retail Program Standard 7 David Lawrence, Chair
011 Amend VNRFRPS – Standard 4 – Uniform Inspection Program (Part 1) Mary Cartagena
012 Amend VNRFRPS – Standard 4 – Uniform Inspection Program (Part 2) Mary Cartagena
013 Amend FDA VNRFRPS Standard 9 – Program Assessment Mary Cartagena
014 Report - Certification of Food Safety Regulation Professionals (CFSRP) DeBrena Hilton
015 CFSRP 2– Reassign Charges to the Program Standards Committee DeBrena Hilton
016 Report: Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee (IFITC) James Steele
017 IFITC 2 – Approval and Posting of the Crosswalk James Steele
018 IFITC 3 - Reassign Charges to Program Standards Committee James Steele
019 Clarification for Re-standardization in VNRFRPS Standard 2 Manuel Ramirez
020 Reevaluation of FDA VNRFRP Standard 8 Michael Schaffer
021 Recommended Food Code adoption process Christopher Melchert
022 Complimenting Unannounced with Scheduled Inspections Jim Mann
023 Report - Food Protection Manager Certification Committee (FPMCC) Jeff Hawley, Chair
024 FPMCC 2- Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Mgr Certification Jeff Hawley, Chair
025 Mandatory Food Protection Manager Certification for Persons in Charge Laura Brown
026 Report - Constitution, Bylaws and Procedures (CBP) Committee Lee M. Cornman
027 CBP 2 – Revision of CFP Commercialism Policy Lee M. Cornman
028 Committee to Explore Technology Solutions for Implementing CFP Guidance Sean Monahan

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