Conference for Food Protection

2016 Biennial Meeting

Council I | 2016 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - Plan Review Committee (PRC) Albert Espinoza
002 PRC 2 – Food Establishment Plan Review Manual Albert Espinoza
003 Outdoor equipment guidelines Michael Capretta
004 Report - Oyster Advisory Committee Lisa Staley
005 Report - Ice Maker Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing Committee (IMC) Peter Voss
006 IMC 2 – Request Research on Microbial Contamination in Ice Machines Peter Voss
007 IMC 3 – Amend Food Code 4-602.11 (E) (4) Equipment Cleaning Frequency Peter Voss
008 IMC 4 – Amend Annex 7, Guide 3B Food Establishment Marking Instructions Peter Voss
009 IMC 5 - Working Group Formation to Update NSF/ANSI 12 Peter Voss
010 IMC 6 - Clean in Place (CIP) Committee Formation Peter Voss
011 Report - Food Recovery Committee (FRC) John Marcy
012 FRC 2 - Comprehensive Resource for Food Recovery Programs John Marcy
013 Report - Unattended Food Establishment Committee (UFE) Chris Gordon, Council I Chair, on behalf of UFE Committee
014 UFE 2 - Guidance Document for Unattended Food Establishments Larry Eils
015 UFE 3 - Re-create the Unattended Food Establishment Committee Chris Gordon, Council I Chair, on behalf of UFE Committee
016 Food Establishments With Robotic Operations Thomas Johnson
017 Revised Term for Animal Foods Adam Inman
018 Defining Food Establishments—Amend Section 1-201.10(B) David W. Plunkett
019 Clean in place (CIP) definition Thomas Johnson, Chief Manager
020 Add a definition for In-place cleaning (IPC) Thomas Johnson
021 Change abbreviation for CIP to CSIP (clean and sanitize in place) Thomas Johnson
022 Update the definition of Vending Machines Thomas Johnson
023 Shellfish Retail Record Keeping Ken Moore
024 Alignment of the Food Code with the FDA Juice HACCP Retail Definition Sandra D. Craig
025 Amend Food Code – Nutrition Labeling of Standard Menu Items in Restaurants David W. Plunkett
026 Frozen Foods Maintained Frozen Ann Johnson
027 Protecting Unwashed Produce From Cross Contamination Adam Inman
028 Amend Returned Food and Re-Service of Food Christopher Melchert
029 Labeling for Food Allergen Cross-Contact Nona Narvaez
030 Documenting Food Allergy Labeling Violations Nona Narvaez
031 Harmonizing a Food Code Labeling Requirement w/ a CFR Labeling Requirement Adam Inman
032 Proposed Revision to Food Code Section 3-401.14, Non-Continuous cooking Christopher Melchert
033 Thawing 3-501.13 Rebecca Krzyzanowski
034 Interpretation of Food Code Section 3-501.17 (A) & (B) Christopher Melchert
035 Missing reference in 2013 FDA Food Code Section 3-501.19(A)(1)(a) Adam Inman
036 Clarifying Date Marking Disposition Adam Inman
037 Amend Food Code - Additional Requirements for Consumer Advisories Dr. Ben Chapman
038 Raw Animal Foods – Consumer Advisory Rebecca Krzyzanowski
039 Addition of new Food Code section: Grinding Logs David W. Plunkett
040 FOOD guard criteria comprise a CORE item, not a PRIORITY ITEM. Thomas Johnson, Chief Manager
041 Food equipment cleanability and design Thomas Johnson, Managing Director
042 Towel Drying Exception For Equipment Removed From High-Temp Dish Machines Megan Calahan
043 Harmonizing Direct Drain Connection Allowances with Plumbing Codes Adam Inman
044 Hot Water Provided at Service Sink Ann Johnson
045 Consolidating Chemical Storage Provisions in the Food Code Adam Inman
046 Removing the Reference to Restricted Use Pesticides in 7-202.12(B)(2) Adam Inman
047 Temporary Food Establishment Inspection Intervals Rebecca Krzyzanowski
048 Inclusion of Inspection Result Posting in Food Code David W. Plunkett

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