To print Issues and/or attachments for all 3 Councils: Click on one of the print options (i.e., Print All Issues, Print All Issues and Attachments, Print All Attachments) and you will open a linked file of all Issues. You can then print from the screen. You will not begin printing Issues automatically by clicking or viewing the screen.

To print Issues and/or attachments for one Council: If you want to print Issues for one Council only click on the Council, click the print option, and print Issues and/or attachments from the screen.

To view individual Issues: Click the Council number to view a list of Issues. Click on a specific Issue to view that Issue. If you click on "Word Document File with Tracking," you will open a Word document version of the Issue. Because the document you are opening is in Word format, you will need to use Word functions to save or print the Issue. When you view or use this Word version, the internal html functions will no longer work and closing the screen will return you to the Start icon.

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