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Issue Number: Council I 035


Updating of the Food Establishment Inspection Report

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

We are requesting that the Conference consider the following proposal:

The current Inspection Form 3-A in the 2009 Food Code Annex 7 and Instructions for Marking form 3-B are based on old section designations of critical and non-critical. When the 2009 code was modified to reflect the three tier designations of Priority (P), Priority Foundation (Pf) and Core (C) these forms were not updated.

We would like FDA to format the Inspection Form 3-A and the Instructions for Marking Form 3-B in Annex 7 to reflect the (P), (Pf), and (C) designations.

We have submitted a draft (attached) of an Inspection Form 3-A that has been divided and grouped according to the (P), (Pf) designated violations in the upper part of the form and the (C) designated violations in the lower part of the form. A draft Instructions for Marking document 3-B has been developed to show the (P), (Pf) and (C) designations to ensure that inspection observations are accurately recorded on the Food Establishment Inspection Report.

The documents attached are presented as drafts. The documents submitted were developed for the State of Oklahoma and would need to be made "generic" for use in future Code publications.

Public Health Significance

The Food Establishment Inspection Report is the official regulatory document that measures compliance of the establishment with regulatory requirements. The goal of the report is to clearly, concisely, and fairly present the compliance status of the establishment and to convey this information to the permit holder or person in charge (PIC) at the conclusion of the inspection.

Reformatting the Food Establishment Inspection Report (3-A) and Guidance Marking Document (3-B) by providing a uniform and consistent inspection process will help bring uniformity and assist permit holders in understanding the three-tier designations in jurisdictions that have adopted the 2009 Food Code.

The formatting of the document to reflect the Priority, Priority foundation and Core designations will communicate to the operator the severity of the violations and will provide appropriate timeframes for corrective action, thereby reducing foodborne illness risk to the public.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

that a letter be sent to the FDA requesting that the 2013 Food Code contain updated versions of the Food Establishment Inspection Report 3-A and Instructions for Marking Form 3-B that are currently provided in Annex 7 of the 2009 Food Code in order to reflect the Priority, Priority Foundation and Core designations.


Submitter Information

Name DeBrena D. Hilton, MPH
Organization Tulsa City-County Health Department
Address 5051 S. 129th E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74134
Telephone 918-595-4302
Fax 918-595-4339
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