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Issue Number: Council II 023


Report - CFSRP Part A - Certification of Food Safety Regulation Prof.

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

The CFP Certification of Food Safety Regulation Professionals (CFSRP) Work Group seeks the Conference's acknowledgement of its Work Group Report Part A.

(NOTE: CFSRP Part B of the Work Group report is submitted in a separate Issue titled:
Report - CFSRP Part B - Uniform Inspection Program Audit Pilot Project).

Public Health Significance

A national model that addresses training and the professional development of regulatory retail food safety professionals is essential to enhancing the effectiveness of the nation's retail food protection system.

The Standard 2 training and standardization model should be viewed as a working document that will need to be updated and revised to meet the ever-changing retail food safety environment. The Conference for Food Protection provides the mechanism to:

  • Maintain and update this national training model;
  • Explore additional training and/or assessment needs for regulatory retail food programs; and
  • Build consensus among all retail food safety stakeholders.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

acknowledgement of the Conference for Food Protection, Certification of Food Safety Regulation Professionals - Work Group Report Part A and the following attachments.

  • 2012 CFP CFSRP Committee Final Report
  • CFP CFSRP Committee Roster
  • Assessment of Training Needs Survey Summary
  • Third Party Auditor Survey Results
  • IFPTI Curriculum Framework

The Conference also recommends thanking all the 2010-2012 CFSRP members, and the organizations/agencies they represent, which allowed them to actively participate on the Work Group.


Submitter Information

Name Susan Kendrick, Co-Chair
Organization Certification of Food Safety Regulation Professionals Work Group
Address Oregon Department of Agriculture
635 Capitol Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Telephone 503-533-0835
Fax 503-986-4729
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