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Issue Number: Council II 007


Limit Hand Hygiene Committee Size

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

A separate issue addressed re-creation of the Hand Hygiene Committee. The 2010-2012 Hand Hygiene Committee believes that action on the complex topic of Hand Hygiene would be enhanced by limiting the committee size to facilitate involvement of all committee members on conference calls.

Public Health Significance

The 2010-2012 Hand Hygiene Committee believes that progress towards its charge was impeded because of committee size. Interest in participating in the Committee was very high, with 50+ people volunteering to serve. The Committee divided into three sub-committees to address the charge, and attempted to use a steering committee to review progress made by the three groups. This multiplied the time commitment for steering committee members and sub-committee chairs who wished to participate in each of the sub-committees. Many committee members dropped out because of the extra time commitment, which hindered continuity. Additionally, the discussions in one committee would have benefited progress of other committees in making informed recommendations on specific situations where application of alternatives to handwashing may be appropriate to reduce public health risk.

The Committee recommends that a limited committee size will lead to a more coordinated work product for this complex topic. While the CFP conference call system can accommodate up to 25, scheduling a conference call for this number of people is problematic.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

the size of the 2012-2014 Hand Hygiene Committee to be limited to less than 20 members (including advisors and chairs), to facilitate participation of the full committee on conference calls while maintaining adequate representation from relevant stakeholders.

Submitter Information

Name Mark Sampson, Co-Chair
Organization 2010-2012 Hand Hygiene Committee
Address Sterilox Food Safety, 162 Ash Way
Doylestown, PA 18901
Telephone 484-321-2709
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