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Issue Number: Council III 030


Allergen Committee - Importance of Allergen Guidance to CFP Members

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

The Allergen Committee has not progressed on any of its charges since the 2010 Biennial Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. The committee chair did not submit a report for council at the 2012 Biennial Meeting. This Issue is submitted by the Executive Director on behalf of the Conference.

Public Health Significance

The risk of allergic reactons to foods sold at retail food establishemts is of great concern to consumers and the retail food industry. Many avoidable injuries occur annually in the United States simply because retailers do not have sufficient information and guidance in the proper labeling and handling of potential allergens. Allergic reactions sometimes occur in pesons who consume ordinary foods sold legally throughout the United States. With proper labeling and handling practices retail food facility operators can minimize the potential for injuries and their liability resulting from unitended consumption of food allergens.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

1. The disbanding of the CFP Allergen Committee in its current form. This Committee was not active, did not submit a final report for this Biennial Meeting, and the Committee charges assigned at the 2010 Biennial Meeting were not addresed.

2. The issue of prevention of allergic reactions in customers of retail food facilities continues to be a concern of the Conference; therefore, the Conference for Food Protection Executive Board is directed to reach out to interested groups to be better informed about food allergens and preventive measures for allergic reactions to food legally sold in retail food facilities.

Submitter Information

Name Jeffrey C. Lineberry, Executive Director
Organization Conference for Food Protection
Address 2792 Miramar Ln
Lincoln, CA 95648
Telephone 916-645-2439
Fax 916-645-2439
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