Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - Hand Hygiene Committee Katherine M.J. Swanson, Co-Chair
002 Disseminate the Outcome of 2010-2012 Hand Hygiene Committee Katherine M.J. Swanson, Co-Chair
003 Clarification of Section 3-301.11(D) Preventing Contamination from Hands. Cynthia Walker, MS, RS
004 Double glove use or glove changing in relation to handwashing Maria DeLaruelle, Sanitarian
005 Clarify when handwashing is required before donning/changing gloves Terry Levee
006 Re-create - Hand Hygiene Committee Katherine M.J. Swanson, Co-Chair
007 Rationale for 100 degree F. hot water at hand sink. Dale Yamnik, REHS, CP-FS
008 Addressing Nontyphoidal Salmonella in the FDA Food Code Carol A. Selman, MPH
009 Report - ROP Committee (ROP 1) Brian Nummer, Chair
010 ROP 2: Definitions for Reduced Oxygen Packaging Brian Nummer Chair, Reduced Oxygen Packaging Committee
011 ROP 3: Sous Vide - Cook Chill Time and Temperature Control Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D., Chair
012 ROP 4: Sous Vide and Cook Chill, pH and Temperature Control Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D., Chair
013 ROP 5: Requirement to submit HACCP plan to regulatory authority Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D., Chair
014 ROP 6: Updates to 2009 Food Code Annexes 2 and 3 Brian Nummer, Ph.D., Chair
015 Improving Ground Beef Food Safety in Restaurants and Food Service Jay B. Wenther, Ph.D.
016 Separation of Non-Intact Meats from Whole-Muscle Cuts of the Same Type Adam Inman
017 Thawing Vacuum Packaged Frozen Fish Sean Dunleavy
018 Harmonize Time/Temperature Charts in Food Code with FSIS Guidance Kristi Barlow
019 Final cooking temperature requirement for non-continuous cooking David Martin
020 Reduced Minimum Temperature for Microwave Steam Cooking of Seafood John J. Specchio, Ph.D.
021 Determining the Disposition of Refrigerated PHF (TCS food) above 5°C (41°F) Jill Hollingsworth, DVM
022 Revision of the 2006 CFP Listeria Retail Guidelines Kristina Barlow
023 Amend FDA Food Code Section 3-403-11(C) John Marcy
024 Cleaning of Food Contact Surfaces between Raw Animal Foods Adam Inman
025 Dual-step hand cleanse-sanitize protocol without water Jim Mann
026 Expanded Use of Time Only as a Public Health Control Catherine Adams Hutt
027 Food Guards Thomas Johnson
028 Acrylamide Management in Retail Preparation of Processed Potato Products Donna Garren, Ph.D.
029 Public Release of Food Allergy Resource Document Nona Narvaez
030 Allergen Committee - Importance of Allergen Guidance to CFP Members Jeffrey C. Lineberry, Executive Director

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