Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - Plan Review Committee Liza Frias, Committee Chair
002 Temporary Food Establishments 2011 Final Document Liza Frias, Committee Chair
003 Re-Create Plan Review Committee Liza Frias, Committee Chair
004 Change definition of PHF/TCS to TCS Chris Gordon
005 Sore throat with fever Sean Dunleavy
006 Report-Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee Chris Gordon, Co-Chair
007 Redefine "approved mushroom identification expert" in Food Code § 3-201.16 Lisa Roy, Co-Chair
008 Resources and Criteria to Select Wild Mushroom Species Lisa Roy, Co-Chair
009 Wild Harvested Mushroom Record-Keeping and Traceability Chris Gordon, Co-Chair
010 Wild Harvested Mushroom Curriculum Lisa Roy, Co-Chair
011 Wild Harvested Mushroom Exam Lisa Roy, Co-Chair
012 Re-create Wild Harvested Mushroom Committee Chris Gordon, Co-Chair
013 HACCP-based Guidance for Meat and Poultry Processing at Retail John Hicks
014 Beef Grinding Log Template for Retail Establishments Jennifer Webb
015 Addition to Original Containers and Records Section in the FDA Food Code, Sarah Klein
016 Addition to Duties: Person in Charge Section 2-103.11 of FDA Food Code Sarah Klein
017 Use of Consumer Advisory for Non-Continuous Cooking David Martin
018 Report - Recall Evaluation Committee Greg Pallaske, Co-Chair
019 Uniform Food Recall System Greg Pallaske, Co-Chair
020 Recall Definitions and Decision Tree Greg Pallaske, Co-Chair
021 New Recall Notification Section of the FDA Food Code (Section 3-603.12) Sarah Klein
022 New Recordkeeping Section of the FDA Food Code (Section 3-603.13) Sarah Klein
023 Shellstock Record Keeping Ken B. Moore
024 Food Code Date Marking Provision(s) For Raw, Live In-shell SHELLSTOCK Mark S. Ohlmann, CP-FS
025 Addition to Consumer Advisory, Section 3-603.11 of the Model Food Code Sarah Klein
026 Hand Antiseptics Dan Dahlman
027 Use of Galvanized Metal with Acidic Foods Ronald Tobler
028 Chemicals for Washing Fruits and Vegetables Erin Mertz
029 Testing for Hot Water Sanitizing James Mack, REHS
030 Food Equipment Certification Ron Coiner
031 Modify FDA Food Code §3-304.11 to include linens and napkins Chris Gordon
032 Allowance for a Direct Drain Connection in Warewashing Equipment Adam Inman
033 Temp Measuring Device for Warewashing Machines w/Hot Water SANITIZING rinse Jessica A. Fletcher
034 The 2009 FDA Food Code Introduced New Confusing Terms Chuck Catlin
035 Updating of the Food Establishment Inspection Report DeBrena D. Hilton, MPH
036 Designation of Water Temperature at Handwashing Sinks as a Core Item Thomas Ford
037 Designation of Manual Warewashing Wash Solution Temperature as a Core Item Terry Levee
038 Amendments to Public Information and Public Posting Sarah Klein
039 Addition to Section 8-4 Inspection and Correction of Violations Sarah Klein
040 Packaged Food Labeling Clarification Catherine Adams Hutt
041 Reuse-Refill of Multi-use Tableware (To go containers) Melissa Vaccaro
042 Creation of Distribution and Storage, Transportation and Delivery Committee Francis "Frank" Ferko
043 Cottage Industry/Direct Producer to Consumer Sales Mark Speltz

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