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The Conference for Food Protection (CFP) is a nonprofit organization established in 1971. CFP was created to provide a formal process where members of industry, regulatory, academia, consumer, and professional organizations are allowed equal input in the development and modification of food safety laws, regulations, and guidance. CFP offers a unique opportunity to all stakeholders for the balanced consideration of Issues in a deliberative forum. Our Biennial Meetings attract over 500 individuals representing all facets of retail food safety. The continued success of the Conference is a function of the range of expertise and the collaborative spirit of its members.

As a non-profit organization CFP relies on financial support to sustain annual operating expenses as well as offset the costs of the Biennial Meetings. Financial support for CFP is available through Sustaining Sponsorships, as well as donations towards the costs of specific 2023 Biennial Meeting events and services. As many organizations begin to establish 2023 operating budgets the Conference wanted to share financial details on the various options that will be available to your organization to show support of CFP. More details can be found below on the opportunities available.


Applications for Sustaining Sponsorship and Event/Service Support Donations for the 2023 Biennial Meeting is now closed. The Conference thanks the many companies, agencies, and organizations that generously contributed to the 2023 Biennial Meeting. A full list of all contributors will be posted following the adjournment of the Biennial Meeting.

Save March 24-28, 2025 for the
2025 Biennial Meeting in Denver, Colorado.
Information on sponsorship opportunities
will be available by fall 2024.


Donations to the Houston Local Arrangements Committee can be made in any amount
using the following hyperlink:


A current W-9 form is available Here

If you have any questions or if you need additional information, feel free to contact Dr. David McSwane at