Council Members: 2023 Biennial Meeting

Final Council rosters for the 2023 Biennial Meeting in Houston, Texas.

Council I

Council II

Council III


The duties of the three Councils are summarized as follows:

  • Council I - Laws and Regulations deliberates Issues pertaining to laws, regulations and model codes governing the safety of food.
  • Council II - Administration, Education and Certification deliberates Issues relating to the Constitution and Bylaws, Conference procedures, memoranda of understanding, program evaluation, education, training and certification.
  • Council III - Science and Technology deliberates Issues pertaining to food science and technology related to food safety.

Each council is formed according to Articles XII-XIII of the current CFP Constitution and Bylaws. Criteria are based on regulatory/industry balance, geographic diversity, balanced representation among CFP constituencies, and previous experience in CFP. For more information refer to the current CFP Constitution and Bylaws at:

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