2018 Biennial Meeting

2018 Biennial Meeting
500 East Broad Street, Richmond VA | April 16 - 20, 2018

Please note the documents discussed below will not be posted at this time but will be posted as soon as possible.

Now that the 2018 Bennial Meeting has ended, documents will be posted here as they are available. Committee Reports will be located in the Issue as Submitted Packets and the Attachments. See under Options on the right. View Executive Board meetings under Reports to the Executive Board.

The 2018 Biennial Meeting was a very successful event. There were 509 attendees compared to 449 in Boise and 439 in Orlando. There were 264 registrants who indicated they were first time attendees. This number is up by 105 since the last meeting. The Workshop was attended by 359 people and this number was up by 87 registrants. There were 93 Issues deliberated.

Meeting Materials

Letters to Federal Agencies
Response from Federal Agencies
Issues Final
Issues sent by Councils to Assembly of Delegates
Assembly of Delegates Proceedings
Issues - Corrected and Late Breaking
Council I Committee Final Reports
Council II Final Committee Reports
Council III Final Committee Reports
Program Booklet (lists Council Chairs, Committee Chairs, etc. at time of publication)
Registration List
Workshop Materials