Issue Packets: 2014 Biennial Meeting

2014 Issue Packets

Links to the full Issue Packets are located at the bottom of this page. If you have not already done so, it is highly recommended that you download all Issues to your computer in preparation for Council deliberations during the Biennial Meeting.

Issue Packets are available in two formats:

1. Complete Issue: Issues are organized in a variety of formats with attachments linked for easy reference. A "Worksheet" is also provided as a quick-reference containing a simplified list with Issue title and assigned Council.

2. Scribe Version: The scribe version contains ONLY the Issue title and recommended solution and will be used during Council deliberation.

Separate downloads are required for the complete Issue packet and the scribe version packet. Please note that download time will depend on your Internet connection.

To print or view Issues and/or attachments for all 3 Councils: Click on one of the print options on the opening page (i.e., Print All Issues, Print All Attachments, Print All Issues and Attachments) and you will open a linked PDF file of all documents. You can then scroll through the various documents, conduct a key word search, or print from the screen. You will NOT begin printing Issues automatically by clicking or viewing these options.

To print or view Issues and/or attachments for one Council: Click on the specific Council from the opening page, then scroll to the bottom of that Council page and click the desired print option. A single PDF of all Issues and/or attachments for that specific Council will open in numeric order.

Printing / viewing options:

  • The "Print All Issues" option provides a single PDF of all Issues in numeric order without any attachments.

  • The "Print All Attachments" option provides a single PDF of attachments ONLY in the order they are attached (i.e., beginning with Issue 001 and ending with the last Issue); however, attachments appear one after the other and are NOT identified by Council, Issue title, or Issue number.

  • The "Print All Issues and Attachments" option provides a single PDF of all Issues and attachments in numeric order, with attachments immediately following the appropriate Issue.

  • To view or print individual Issues: Click the Council number on the opening page to view a list of Issues for that Council. Click on a specific Issue title to view that Issue. Access to attachments and printing options are located at the bottom of each Issue page. Attachments are generally in PDF format; however some are available in MS Word. To open an attachment in MS Word, click on the word "original" following that attachment title.

  • PRINTING HINT: Please note that document pages are NOT automatically numbered. We recommend monitoring your printer closely to ensure printed pages remain in the order intended. In addition, some blank pages are present due to the page formatting within each individual document.

Information about "Issue History" can be found on the CFP website's "Biennial Meetings" page ( Each biennial meeting page provides the original Issue language as submitted and the final Issue language following council deliberation.

Please note that documents submitted as Issue attachments are auto-converted within the Issue Management Program to PDF. The converted PDF document may not appear as intended in the original document; for example, tables lose their formatting, and bullets and other special characters may be altered. We recommend downloading and reviewing the original Word document whenever possible. The capabilities of the auto-conversion program are beyond the control of the Conference for Food Protection and we apologize for this inconvenience.