2006 Biennial Meeting

Columbus, OH | April 7 - 12, 2006

Greetings to all Conference for Food Protection members and partners. The biennial meeting in Columbus, Ohio was just a few months ago and the effects of the event are still being experienced. The work accomplished by all the Council Chairs, Vice Chairs and numerous committees improves with each conference. Their work and sacrifices have again produced stellar results.

Many people are responsible for the success of the Conference. I would like to especially thank our past Chair, Janice Buchanon. Her leadership and vision have brought vast improvements to our process. Thanks and appreciation goes out to our Executive Team, Trevor Hayes and his partner Linda and to our new Executive Assistant, Lisa Wright. Their dedication and professionalism were instrumental in the record-breaking attendance at this year's meeting. Words cannot describe the tremendous efforts in planning, time, and preparations made by the Local Arrangements Committee that culminated into a phenomenal experience of Ohio hospitality. The Committee was headed up by Bob Kramer and Gina Nicholson of the Columbus Health Department, Barbara Hunt of Wendy's International, and Jim Ward of The Kroger Company.

Elizabeth A. Nutt, Chair
Conference for Food Protection

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