CFP Board Appoints a New Executive Director

Published: August 15, 2012

I am pleased and proud to announce that Dr. David McSwane will become Executive Director of the Conference for Food Protection effective October 1, 2012. Dr. McSwane, a Professor in the Department of Public Health at the Indiana University/Purdue University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, was a founding board member of the Conference in 1983, and has served in numerous capacities on committees and workgroups within the organization over the years. He is widely respected throughout the food industry and the food regulatory community as a food scientist and author of numerous publications related to food safety. Dr. McSwane is the first academic to assume the role of Executive Director.

I have been honored to be your Executive Director since 2007. Your support and kindness have added greatly to the profound satisfaction I have derived from being a part of a truly unique organization.

Thank you,

Jeffrey C. Lineberry, MPH
Executive Director