Terms and Conditions


To be accepted by the Conference for Food Protection and considered for Council deliberation, an Issue and any attached documents must meet the following terms and conditions:

1. Be within the scope of the Conference objectives. See Conference Mission and Objectives

2. Be submitted electronically using the online Issue submission form on or before Friday, January 12, 2018 at 9:00 p.m. EST at which time the submission form will no longer be accessible.

A late-breaking food safety Issue submitted after the deadline may be considered for assignment to a Council if it has first been presented to the Conference Executive Board for review and acceptance. See Late Issue Submission Policy

3. May not be commercial in nature. Issues that endorse a brand name or commercial proprietary process, or that include a brand name in the Issue, rationale, or solution will NOT be accepted.

Attachments to an Issue may not violate the Commercialism and Comity Policy and must meet specified size and format limitations. See Commercialism and Comity Policy and Issue Attachment Limitations

4. Conform to the 2018 Issue Preparation & Review - Process & Checklist guidance document. See Issue Preparation & Review - Process & Checklist and Issue Pre-submission Form links below under Issue Submission.

5. Meet the Issue Acceptance Criteria from the Biennial Meeting/Conference Procedures, section IV.B. See Biennial Meeting/Conference Procedures 2019

a) All sections of the Issue submission form must be complete and grammatically correct.

b) The Issue must be described completely including its impact on the retail food industry.

c) The food protection or public health significance must be clearly stated and easily understood.

d) The suggested solution or rationale must be sufficiently detailed to cover all aspects of the submission. If the recommended solution includes proposed edits to an existing document (such as the current FDA Food Code or a Conference document), the specific portion of the document to be changed must be accurately identified and any requested edits clearly specified using strikeout to indicate the words to be deleted and underline to indicate the newly added text.

e) Committee submitted documents may impact the image, credibility and integrity of the Conference as an organization. With the exception of material that has been copyrighted and/or has registration marks, committee documents, including all work products (Issues; reports; and content documents) generated by a Conference committee become the property of the Conference.

f) Issues and supporting documents submitted by an independent entity or individual reflect only the submitter's ideas, values, opinions, and findings and those documents do not become the property of the Conference.

g) An independent entity or individual who submits an Issue with attached documentation gives their automatic consent to the Conference to publish that information for deliberation and dissemination.

6. Issues will be reviewed for spelling, grammar, content, and clarity; submitter will be provided the opportunity to incorporate recommended changes. Revisions to an Issue after the posted submittal deadline will be limited to those requested by the Issue Reviewers.

Failure to make changes as requested and within a specified time period may result in rejection of the Issue. Issues will NOT be rejected based on content; the only reason for rejection will be for non-compliance with the terms and conditions for Issue acceptance.
Click HERE to find "Issue Rejection Process" in Section IV. E. of the Biennial Meeting/Conference Procedures 2019.