Issue Submission Instructions

Completing the Issue Pre-submission Form will save you time working online. If you have not yet completed a draft for each Issue, we recommend you do so before submitting your Issue online. Click HERE to access the Form.

Click HERE to access the "Issue Preparation and Review - Process and Checklist" document for the 2020 Biennial Meeting.

Issue Acceptance (Terms and Conditions)

To be accepted by the Conference for Food Protection, an Issue must meet the Terms and Conditions. It is critical that you review your Pre-Submission Draft and evaluate it using the terms and conditions and the appropriate Issue Review Checklist available from the CFP web site.

NOTE: If you wish to see what happens to your Issue once submitted, read the section on Issue Acceptance HERE.

Issue Submission

Once you are satisfied that your Pre-Submission Draft meets all of the requirements, you are ready to submit your Issue.

Issue Submission Guidelines

  1. You will be required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions in order to gain access to the Issue Submission Form.
  2. If you need assistance at any time, click on the "Instructions" button.
  3. You may type directly into the Online Form OR cut and paste text from your Pre-submission Form MS Word (.doc) file.
  4. All sections of the form must be completed before the Issue can be submitted through the online process.
  5. Review all sections for spelling, grammar, content, and clarity.
  6. Spell check each section.
  7. Attach supporting documents in accordance with the Issue Attachment Limitations. Type the title of the Attachment (actual document name, website link, or other appropriate title describing the Attachment); include the date of the attached file to minimize confusion.
    Use the built-in Drop-down browse feature to locate your Attachment in your computer's directory and attach the file to the Issue (Reminder: only .doc and .pdf files may be attached).
  8. Click the "Submit Issue" button when all sections have been completed. An automatic acknowledgement with Issue name, temporary tracking number, attachment names, and a link to the stored Issue will be sent to you promptly.

REMINDER: If you need assistance at any time during the submission process, click on "Instructions."