Conference for Food Protection

2020 Biennial Meeting

Council I | 2020 Scribe Packet

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Food Recovery Committee (FRC) Report Sandra Craig
002 FRC Infographic Handouts Acceptance for Approval and Posting Sandra Craig
003 FRC Food Code Amendment Sandra Craig
004 CFP- ISSC: Report and Recreate CFP- ISSC Joint Committee on Shellfish. Julie Henderson
005 CFP- ISSC Joint Committee on Shellfish; Amend Food Code Julie Henderson
006 Amend Food Code and Annex references to 21 CFR 110 with 21 CFR 117. Sarah Good
007 Amend Food Code 1-201.10 replace Fruits and Vegetables with term Plant Food Sarah Good
008 Amend Food Code 1-201.10 Statement of Application & Listing of Terms (PHF) Sarah Good
009 Condition Control Food Jeff Havens
010 Amend Food Code – Clarify “Equipment” definition Amit M. Kheradia
011 Amend Food Code – Clarify “Utensil” Definition Amit M. Kheradia
012 Use Limitation of Untreated Wood for Cooking Surface Brandon Morrill
013 Adding Utensils and other Food Contact Items to 7-203.11 Adam Inman
014 Enhancing Protection of Food Contact Surfaces - Section 3-304.11 Adam Inman
015 Amend Code to Include authority to conduct foodborne illness investigations Catherine Payne Feeney
016 Interpretation of Food Code for obtaining consumer purchase records Catherine Payne Feeney
017 Obtain Purchase Information as part of a Foodborne Outbreak Investigation Catherine Payne Feeney
018 Amend the Food Code to Require Consumer Notification of Food Recalls Sarah Sorscher, Deputy Director of Regulatory Affairs
019 Storage in Toilet Rooms Brandon Morrill
020 Sanitation Controls at Community Kitchens (AKA: Shared-Kitchens, Incubators FRANK CURTO
021 Use of Personal Containers for non-TCS Bulk Foods Carrie Pohjola
022 Amend Food Code to Harmonize the Definition Reusable Container Kristina Bonatakis
023 Amend Food Code to Address New Reusable Scenarios in Food Retail Kristina Bonatakis
024 Creation of a Committee - Address Reusable Scenarios in Food Retail Kristina Bonatakis
025 Amend Food Code– Update definitions in relation to food for animals Ashlee-Rose Ferguson
026 Amend Food Code – Preventing Contamination By (and To) Consumers Ashlee-Rose Ferguson
027 Creation of Committee- Review of Food Code in relation to food for animals Ashlee-Rose Ferguson
028 Amend Food Code – Permit Pet Dogs in Outdoor Dining Areas Michael Mayers
029 Prohibiting Animals to Allow for Dogs in Outside Areas of Premises Carrie Pohjola
030 Removing the Reference to Restricted Use Pesticides in 7-202.12(B)(2) Adam Inman
031 Person in Charge 2-103.11 Brandon Morrill
032 Whole Muscle Intact Beef Labeling Carrie Pohjola
033 Designated Areas to Include Vaping Carrie Pohjola
034 Eating, Drinking, or Using Tobacco to Include Vaping Carrie Pohjola
035 When to Wash to Include Vaping Carrie Pohjola