Conference for Food Protection

2020 Biennial Meeting

Council II | 2020 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 FPMCC Final Report - Food Protection Manager Certification Committee Sean Dunleavy
002 FPMCC Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Sean Dunleavy
003 FPMCC - Bylaw Revisions Sean Dunleavy
004 Limit CPFM accredited exam certificate validity to four years Lars Johnson
005 Report-Constitution ByLaws and Procedures Committee (CBPC) Davene Sarrocco-Smith
006 CBPC 2 - Revised CFP Constitution and ByLaws Davene Sarrocco-Smith
007 CBPC #3 - At Large Committee Membership Davene Sarrocco-Smith
008 CBPC 4: Memorandum of Understanding between CFP and NACCHO Davene Sarrocco-Smith
009 Reestablishment of a Food Defense Committee Steven Mandernach
010 Local Regulator Voting Representation on the Assembly of State Delegates. PIETER A SHEEHAN
011 Allergen Committee (AC) Report Jeffrey Hawley
012 AC #2 - Post Food Allergy Notifications Guidance Document on CFP Website Jeffrey Hawley
013 AC #3 - Amend Food Code for Major Food Allergen Training for Food Employees Jeffrey Hawley
014 AC#4 Amend Food Code for Notification of Major Food Allergens in Bulk Foods Jeffrey Hawley
015 AC #5 - Amend Food Code for Written Notification of Major Food Allergens Jeffrey Hawley
016 AC#6 Amend Food Code:Major Food Allergen Notification Upon Consumer Request Jeffrey Hawley
017 PSC Issue #1: Report - 2018-2020 Program Standards Committee Angie Cyr
018 PSC Issue #2 New assessment tool for Standard 8 Staffing Level Criteria Angie Cyr
019 PSC Issue #3 Posting updated Crosswalk - Requirements for Foodborne Illness Angie Cyr
020 PSC Issue #4 Maintenance and Posting of the Self-Assessment Tool (SA Tool) Angie Cyr
021 Creation of a Digital Food Safety System Committee Eric Moore
022 Creation of a Digital Temperature Monitoring Equipment Committee Eric Moore
023 PSC #5 Continuation of Issue 2018 II-014 PSC2 Angie Cyr
024 PSC Issue #6 Amend Standard 2 Appendix B-1 format Angie Cyr
025 PSC Issue #7 Amend Std 2 curriculum to replace select courses with updates Angie Cyr
026 PSC Issue #8 Amend Standard 2 to include additional "pre" and "post" topics Angie Cyr
027 PSC Issue #9 Amend Std 2 to increase the time for completion of Steps 1-4 Angie Cyr
028 PSC Issue #10 Amend CFP Training Manual to add Quality Program Elements Angie Cyr
029 CFP Model Code James Padden
030 Creation of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Committee Alan Tart
031 Standard 1 Update to Require 80% of Certain Provisions Steven Mandernach
032 Amend VNRFRPS Standard 6, Compliance and Enforcement Steven Mandernach
033 Refer Standard 5 to Program Standards Committee for Review and Updating Steven Mandernach

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