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Issue Number: Council III 005

Issue History

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MOFSC 3 - Amend Food Code to Add Guidance Document for Mail Order Food

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Inclusion of a reference to the committee generated "Guidance Document for Mail Order Food Companies" (attached to Issue titled: Report- Mail Order Foods Safety Committee) in the FDA Food Code Annex (FC Annex).

Public Health Significance

This guidance document provides best practices and procedures for mail order food companies to implement in order to provide customers with safe food products.

Issue #2016 III-037 charged the MOFSC with: "Determining appropriate methods of sharing the committee's work, including but not limited to a letter be sent to FDA requesting that the Food Code, Annex 2 (References, Part 3-Supporting Documents) be amended by adding references to the new guidance document..."

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

a letter be sent to FDA requesting that the most recent edition of the Food Code be amended to include a reference to the CFP document titled "Guidance Document for Mail Order Food Companies" as follows:

Annex 2-References, Part 3-Supporting Documents

U. Guidance Document for Mail Order Food Companies, 2018

Companies that ship perishable food products directly to consumers have increased in recent years. Due to the variability in business operations and the unsafe practices witnessed from some operations, the Conference for Food Protection in 2016 recommended formation of a committee to develop a best-practices manual that mail order food companies could utilize. These guidelines provide a foundation of food safety practices and procedures that can be implemented to reduce risks associated with shipping perishable food items through common courier.

Note: Draft CPF guidance document is attached to Issue titled: Report - Mail Order Foods Safety Committee (MOFSC); approval of the document is requested in Issue titled: MOFSC 2 - Approval of Guidance Document for Mail Order Food Companies

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