Conference for Food Protection

2018 Biennial Meeting

Council III | 2018 Biennial Meeting

Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report-Mail Order Foods Safety Committee (MOFSC) Christine Applewhite, Chair
002 Report – Special Process Controls Committee (SPCC) Brian Nummer
003 Report – Produce Wash Water Committee (PWWC) Anna Starobin
004 MOFSC 2- Approval of Guidance Document for Mail Order Food Companies Christine Applewhite, Chair
005 MOFSC 3 - Amend Food Code to Add Guidance Document for Mail Order Food Christine Applewhite, Chair
006 MOFSC 4- Recreate the Mail Order Food Safety Committee at the 2020 Biennial Christine Applewhite, Chair
007 SPCC 2- Single Hazard Special Process HACCP Template Guidance Document Brian Nummer
008 SPCC 3 - SHSP HACCP Template for ROP of Raw Meat, Cheese, Frozen Fish Brian Nummer
009 SPCC 4 – SHSP HACCP Template for Curing as a Single Special Process Brian Nummer
010 SPCC 5 – SHSP HACCP Template for Sushi Rice Acidification Brian Nummer
011 PWWC 2 – Amend Food Code to add definition for “CRISPING” Anna Starobin
012 PWWC 3 – Approval & Posting of PWWC Documents on CFP website Anna Starobin
013 Re-Create – Produce Wash Water Committee Anna Starobin
014 Amend Food Code - U.S. No. 1 Potatoes Rodney Blanchard
015 Amend Food Code 3-402.11(A) regarding undercooked non-Thunnus fish Thomas Kunesh, RS
016 Amend Food Code Cook-chill/sous vide ROP option for ROP bags to 41°F Brian A Nummer, PhD.
017 Amend Food Code – Endpoint Temperature for Non-Ready-to-Eat Frozen Foods Veronica Bryant
018 Amend Food Code - Clarify 3-301.11(D) for Single Ingredient Food Ann Johnson
019 Amend Food Code - Room Temp Non-TCS Food Becoming TCS, Then Held Using TPHC Troy Huffman
020 Amend Food Code - Reheating RTE Food to be Held Using TPHC Ann Johnson
021 Create Committee - Cooking/Heating Commercially Processed Not RTE Food Ann Johnson
022 Creation of a Committee - Safe Cooking of Rotisserie Chicken Meryl Silverman
023 Creation of a Committee - Safe Handling and Cooking of Roaster Pigs Erika Stapp-Kamotani
024 Creation of a Committee - Pass/Fail Criteria for a Product Assessment Robert Curtis
025 Amend Food Code Hand Washing Timing not in Compliance Zachary Eddy
026 Amend Food Code – Remove Chemically Treated Towelette from 5-203.11 Veronica Bryant
027 Amend Food Code -Hand Cleanse-Sanitize Protocol Not Requiring Running Water Jim Mann
028 Amend Food Code - Mechanical Warewashing Temp per Manufacturer's Label Anna Starobin
029 Sanitizer Contact Time Rodney Blanchard
030 Copper Mugs Used with Acidic Beverages Rodney Blanchard
031 Amend Food Code – Date Marking Requirements on Consumer Deli Meat Carolyn Griffin

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