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Issue Number: Council I 035

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This is a brand new Issue.


Missing reference in 2013 FDA Food Code Section 3-501.19(A)(1)(a)

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Section 3-501.19(A)(1)(a) of the 2013 FDA Food Code should reference 3-501.19(B)(1)-(4), not just (1)-(3). This would be consistent with its reference to the equivalent requirement in (C)(5).

3-501.19(B)(4) requires that, when using time without temperature control as the public health control, foods that are not marked or have exceeded the time are discarded. Adding (B)(4) to the reference in 3-501.19(A)(1)(a) will require that discarding such food be addressed in the required written procedures.

Public Health Significance

Requiring disposal to be included in the time as a public health control procedures will help prevent unsafe food from being served or sold.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

letter be sent to the FDA requesting the 2013 Food Code be amended as follows (language to be added is underlined; language to be deleted is in strikethrough format):

3-501.19 Time as a Public Health Control.

(A) Except as specified under ¶ (D) of this section, if time without temperature control is used as the public health control for a working supply of TIME/TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR SAFETY FOOD before cooking, or for READY-TO-EAT TIME/TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR SAFETY FOOD that is displayed or held for sale or service:

(1) Written procedures shall be prepared in advance, maintained in the FOOD ESTABLISHMENT and made available to the REGULATORY AUTHORITY upon request that specify: Pf

(a) Methods of compliance with Subparagraphs (B)(1)-(34) or (C)(1)-(5) of this section; Pf

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