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Issue Number: Council I 005

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Report - Ice Maker Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing Committee (IMC)

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The Ice Maker Cleaning and Sanitizing Committee were given 3 key charges:

1. Survey regulatory agencies to determine:

(a) Existing regulatory authority or guidance criteria for ice maker cleaning and sanitizing procedures and frequency.

(b) Determine extent of critical and non-critical inspection violations.

2. Review ice maker manufacturers/owner's manuals to establish their recommended cleaning and sanitizing processing and frequencies and its rationale.

3. Report back to the 2016 biennial meeting with recommendations

Public Health Significance

Visible ice machine mold and soil appears to be a prevalent issue in commercial ice machines and these biofilms form when cleaning and sanitizing the machine is not performed at a specific frequency to preclude such and/or when the procedure and chemicals used are insufficient to accomplish the intended purpose of preventing microbial growth.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

  1. Acknowledgement of the 2014 - 2016 Ice Maker Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing Committee Final Report,
  2. Thanking the Committee members for their work and completing their charges, and
  3. Disbanding the Committee.

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