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Issue Number: Council I 043

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Harmonizing Direct Drain Connection Allowances with Plumbing Codes

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Paragraph 5-402.11(C) of the 2013 FDA Food Code allows a direct drain connection from warewashing machines if certain conditions exist. Various plumbing codes require direct drain connections for warewashing machines and warewashing sinks. However, in the absence of a plumbing code, food establishments are subjected to unnecessary requirements.

The 5-402.11(C) allowance should be extended to warewashing sinks that are not used for food preparation if the installation conditions specified in 5-402.11(C) are met.

Public Health Significance

Eliminating Food Code requirements that conflict with other regulatory requirements, when the level of public health protection is not compromised, reduces difficulties faced by food code regulatory agencies.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

a letter be sent to the FDA requesting the 2013 Food Code be amended as follows (language to be added is underlined):

Paragraph 5-402.11(C)

(C) If allowed by LAW, a WAREWASHING machine or WAREWASHING sink may have a direct connection between its waste outlet and a floor drain when the machine or sink is located within 1.5 m (5 feet) of a trapped floor drain and the machine or sink outlet is connected to the inlet side of a properly vented floor drain trap.

Submitter Information

Name Adam Inman
Organization Kansas Department of Agriculture
Address 1320 Research Park Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502
Telephone 7855646764

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