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Issue Number: Council II 013


FPMCC 3- Bylaw Revisions

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

The proposed revisions to the Food Protection Manager Certification Committee Bylaws are non-substantive, and are to provide clarity, consistency and accuracy.

Public Health Significance

Food establishments have fewer critical risk factors according to the CDC as stated in the endorsement letter to the Conference (dated April 5, 2006, and referenced on the Conference Website) when food establishments employ managers who have a Food Protection Manager Certification in accordance with the Conference for Food Protection's Standards.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

Approval of the revisions to the Food Protection Manager Certification Committee Bylaws.

1) All revisions are contained within document titled: "Food Protection Manager Certification Committee Bylaws (draft October 2013)" to Issue #1 Titled "Report - Food Protection Managers Certification Committee".

2) A summary of the proposed non-substantive revisions include:

1. Changes to Article VIII, Section 8:

a) Addition of the verbiage to the first sentence: "to address the charges of the Board and complete the duties of the Committee."

b) Moved the second sentence that reads, "Workgroups shall provide written reports and recommendations to the Committee for deliberation." to Article XII, Section 3.

2. Changes to Article XII:

a) Changed order of Sections 1-3 to improve the flow of information

b) Removed second sentence in Section 3, reworded the sentence, and then moved to Section 2 of the same Article.

3. Changes to Article XIV:

a) Added new verbiage to the end of the first sentence: "and then submitted as an Issue during the next biennial meeting."

b) Removed the second sentence as it was now reworded into the first sentence and no longer needed.

4. Change to footer to reflect: "Revised Bylaws pending approval at 2014 Biennial Meeting".

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