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Issue Number: Council II 011


Employee Food Safety Training Committee

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

There is currently no nationally-recognized standard to guide operators, regulators or third parties in developing hourly food employee training. In spite of this lack of standardization, more and more jurisdictions are now requiring hourly food employees to earn certificates, food employee cards or other credentials and/or to receive training using an approved operator, regulator or third party training program. The Conference for Food Protection could play an important role in establishing national standards for hourly food employee training by forming a committee whose charges include identifying the core food safety learning that is common to all food employees no matter what their assignment in a food establishment.

Public Health Significance

Food employees trained in food safety have the potential to decrease incidents of foodborne illness in foodservice establishments. The existence of many variations of food safety training requirements in many jurisdictions throughout the United States makes it difficult for foodservice establishments that have more than one location to have a consistent food employee food safety training program. Foodservice establishments could more readily and efficiently offer effective hourly food employee training if consistent national food employee training standards were created. Such standards would encourage more food employee training in food safety and could improve public health.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

that a food employee training committee be formed and charged to:

  1. Make recommendations to the Conference for Food Protection in regard to:

    a) What a food employee should know about food safety, prioritized by risk.

    b) Determine standards for appropriate operator, regulator, and/or third-party food safety training program(s); including the criteria for the program and learning objectives.

  2. Report Committee recommendations to the 2016 Conference for Food Protection Biennial Meeting.


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