Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - Plan Review Committee (PRC) Liza Frias, Co-Chair
002 PRC-2 2014 Guidance for Permanent Outdoor Cooking and Mobile Food Est. Catherine Cummins, Co-Chair
003 Re-create - Plan Review Committee (PRC) Catherine Cummins, Co-Chair
004 Review and clarify Food Establishment Plan Review guidance documents Frank O'Sullivan, REHS
005 Report - Wild Harvested Mushroom (WHM) Committee Dave Martin, Co-Chair
006 WHM 2 - Model Wild Harvested Mushroom Food Code Language for Annex 3 Dave Martin, Co-Chair
007 WHM 3 - Wild Harvested Mushroom Identifier Course Learning Objectives Lorinda Lhotka, Co-Chair
008 Amendments to Wild Harvested Mushroom language in Annex 3 Section 3-201.16. David Rust, President
009 Report - Beef Grinding Log Template Committee Rick Barney, Co-Chair
010 Beef Grinding Log Template Committee 2 - Guidance Document Rick Barney, Co-Chair
011 Beef Grinding Log Template Committee 3 - Rulemaking Consideration Rick Barney, Co-Chair
012 Report-Meat and Poultry Processing at Retail Food Establishments Committee Joel Ortiz, Co-Chair
013 Re-create and Re-name Meat and Poultry HACCP Committee Brian A Nummer, PhD., Co-Chair
014 Update Section 8-201.14 to better agree with NACMCF HACCP definitions Brian A Nummer
015 Create Transportation Committee Meryl Silverman
016 Amend Food Code Annex - Adding FSIS Allergen Compliance Guidelines Scott Seys
017 Amend Food Code - Expanding Food Allergen Separation Scott Seys
018 Amend Food Code - Prevention of Food Allergen Cross-Contact Scott Seys
019 Unattended Food Establishments A. Scott Gilliam
020 Duties of PIC- Hot and Cold Holding Monitoring Rebecca Krzyzanowski
021 Sore Throat with Fever Rebecca Krzyzanowski
022 Addition of whole raw fish and raw crustacean shellfish to Section 3-306.11 Hilary Thesmar, PhD, RD, CFS
023 Raw Animal Foods- Consumer Advisory Rebecca Krzyzanowski
024 Consumer Advisory - Addition of Dairy Sarah Klein
025 Consumer Advisory - Amend Section 3-603.11 Sarah Klein
026 Automatic Ice Vending Machines Thomas Johnson
027 Ice produced and bulk packaged on-site for resale Thomas Johnson
028 Automatic Vending Machines Thomas Johnson
029 Food Contact Surface Cleaning and Sanitizing Frequency Thomas Johnson
030 Equipment and Utensil Cleaning Agent, Availability Rebecca Krzyzanowski
031 Equipment and Utensil Sanitizer, Availability Rebecca Krzyzanowski
032 Imminent Health Hazard - Modify the definition and enforcement action Jill Hollingsworth, DVM
033 Expansion of Scheduled Inspections Jim Mann
034 Priority Designations: Clear Understandable Language Colleen Paulus, Section Manager
035 Food Recovery Programs Guidance Document Mitzi D. Baum