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Issue Number: Council II 027


Recommendations for Promoting the Field Training Manual

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

An evaluation of the best approaches to promoting awareness and implementation of the national training model contained in the CFP Field Training Manual and forms, Appendix B 2, Standard 2, was conducted by the CFP Certification of Food Safety Regulation Professionals Work Group. The CFSRP Work Group has identified that FDA is the most appropriate authority to promote and implement the Field Training manual and the Work Group has specific recommendations to be presented to FDA in a letter from the Conference.

Public Health Significance

A national model that addresses training and the professional development of regulatory retail food safety professionals is essential to enhancing the effectiveness of the nation's retail food protection system. The model training plan and log, field training worksheets, and joint field training process presented in the CFP Field Training Manual for Regulatory Retail Food Safety Inspection Officers (Field Training Manual), approved at the 2008 CFP Biennial Meeting are an important part of a professional development continuum that is needed to ensure regulatory retail food safety professionals have the knowledge and skills to effectively conduct inspections of retail food stores, restaurants, and/or institutional foodservice facility types.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

that a letter be sent to the FDA recommending that the FDA actively promote implementation and use of the Field Training Manual for Regulatory Retail Food Safety Inspection Officers (Field Training Manual). The following items are offered to provide assistance to the FDA in their promotional activities:

  • CDC's Environmental Public Health Performance Standards toolkit, which was created in partnership with National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), was reviewed and determined to be a valuable model for promotion and implementation of the CFP Field Training Manual.
  • Case studies of jurisdictions that use the CFP Field Training Manual would be a valuable resource in a toolkit provided by FDA to jurisdictions that are working to include the Field Training Manual in their program.
  • Application forms for available financial incentives would be an asset in a toolkit provided by FDA as financial assistance would promote implementation of the Field Training Manual in jurisdictions that are not currently using the Manual.
  • The toolkit should also include references of agencies and subject matter experts to contact for implementation questions.
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