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Issue Number: Council II 030


Expand archive & posting capabilities of CFP approved documents

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

To expand archive and posting capabilities to include Portable Document Format (PDF) and the original editable format of all Conference approved documents, guides and presentations; and modifications of documents or attachments that occur after Issue packets are posted, including changes made during and after Council deliberations at the Biennial Meetings.

Public Health Significance

Conference committees made up of all stakeholders have produced excellent educational products through various guidelines, documents and presentations throughout the years. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the review, deliberation, and approval process, many of those very tools have been under utilized because the Conference has only captured information as a PDF file. Presentations are difficult to use in PDF format and speaker notes are lost completely leaving the user to either re-create the presentation and notes that may fail to capture the intent of the original; or users spend valuable time trying to track down the original creators of the presentation or document in question. For example: original authors (e.g., committee chairs) may no longer be involved with the Conference and the original editable or readily usable presentation or document can no longer be located.

It is important to be able to capture not only Conference approved guidance documents in both PDF and an editable format (e.g., Word), but to also capture and archive the final version of documents modified during and after deliberation at the Biennial Meetings. It is often confusing after the Biennial Meeting as to what the final outcome was of a particular document.

The process currently does not accommodate revisions made to documents after issues have been submitted to Council. For example, if an attachment is revised during a Committee meeting immediately preceding the Biennial Meeting, the revised documents are NOT formally captured anywhere by the Conference. Currently, the ONLY documentation retained from the deliberation process is the final wording within an "Issue Recommendation" and does not include attachments referenced in that recommendation. Because the revised documents do not currently become part of the CFP archives, confusion results when revisions have been made to Issue content attachments.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

expanding capabilities for archiving and posting documents on the Conference web site, and charging the Issue Committee with the development of a process and procedure to ensure posting of all:

a) Documents and attachments modified or edited after the Issue packets are made available with reference to the original Issue number and attachment titles;

b) Documents and attachments modified during and after Council deliberations at the Biennial Meetings; and

c) Final version of conference approved guides, documents and presentations in both PDF and the original editable format.

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