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Issue Number: Council II 003


Report and Re-creation - Interdisciplinary FBI Committee

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Acceptance of the report from the Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee and Recommendation to re-create the Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee

Public Health Significance

Delays in reporting or investigating a possible foodborne disease outbreak can prolong an outbreak event, potentially resulting in further illness or economic disruption. Effective training of professionals in outbreak response can mitigate the effects of an outbreak.

Many states indicate utilizing some form of foodborne epi education programs, but there is great variability in training offerings. Training programs in outbreak investigation should have some consistency and a minimal level of proficiency to ensure rapid response and communication amongst investigating parties.

The mere existence of programs does not guarantee efficacy of the training. Accreditation or voluntary standards can provide a level of quality assurance and/or consistency amongst foodborne illness training programs to ensure that professionals are comfortably prepared to investigate outbreaks, institute proper control measures, and correspond appropriately amongst the many other parties and jurisdictions involved.

There are many disease training programs in development by a number of governmental and NGO agencies. The outcome of these endeavors may help shape the future of food safety training.

The Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee has value in considering essential components for certification of foodborne illness outbreak trainings , and making recommendations for establishing a standard for voluntary accreditation of same.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

1) acceptance of the Report from the Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee,

2) thanking the Committee members for their work, and

3) re-creation of the Foodborne Illness Training Committee with the following charges:

  • continuing to track the progress of prominent disease training programs currently in development; and
  • reporting back to the 2012 Biennial Meeting of the Conference for Food Protection.


Submitter Information

Name Michele Samarya-Timm, Chair
Organization Interdisciplinary Foodborne Illness Training Committee
Address Somerset County Department of Health
27 Warren Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
Telephone 908-231-7155
Fax 908-704-8042
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